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Beckwith Hearing Products in Ormond Beach, FL

Starkey Hearing Alliance

Beckwith Hearing offers a wide variety of products series, each with personalized adjustments and customizations to fit your hearing needs, comfort, and lifestyle.

I am a member of the Starkey Hearing Alliance. Starkey’s comprehensive digital product line offers the right combination of technology and affordability. Unlike traditional analog devices, Starkey’s comprehensive digital instruments help separate background noise from speech while at preventing over amplification of softer sound and noise. All of our hearing devices are available in a variety of sizes and styles best suited for your lifestyle and hearing requirements.

X Series

X SeriesBeckwith Hearing's X series hearing instruments are everything you want and more! This product features Voice iQ, which is specifically designed to improve the understanding of speech in noisy environments. You’ll never shy away from parties and get-togethers again with this hearing device. You’ll have clearer conversations with friends and family in no time.


Xino Designed to fit your life. No matter where you are or what you're doing, Xino is designed to make listening easier. It's the ideal hearing aid for people who are active and on the go, enjoy spending relaxing time at home - or both. Choose from Xino70 Social, Xino90 Active or Xino110 Vibrant.

Oto Lens

Oto LensIf you thinking hearing aids should be used to hear but not be seen, the Oto Lens is for you. This is the first invisible, in-the-canal aid featuring the most advanced technology on today’s market. This device is inserted into the ear canal at the office and once it’s been activated, you may forget it’s even there. Designed with comfort and discretion in mind, the Oto Lens is a popular and effective hearing aid product.

Wi Series

Wi SeriesThe Wi Series is the most advanced hearing aid on the market today. It features our latest noise reduction and speech preservation system, and virtually eliminates buzzing and whistling. It is designed to deliver incredible sound clarity even in the noisiest situations. Wi Series can stream stereo sound directly from your TV, radio or computer to your hearing aids. Hear it at the volume of your choice, while those around you can listen at the volume that's most comfortable for them.

Ignite Series

E SeriesThe most cost effective, budget-friendly product series, the Ignite Series is designed for patients with less active lifestyles. These hearing instruments are fully automatic, 100% digital, and very affordable.

Contact Jack Beckwith for more information and questions about our diverse and easily attainable hearing aid products.

Beckwith Hearing · 1265 W. Granada Blvd., Suite 2 · Ormond Beach, Florida
386-615-8661 · Contact